SenseICT - Australian ICT web specialists

SenseICT is an Australian based ICT specialist services company started in 2007.
Focusing primarily on web services, SenseICT offers a variety of products and services
To make your digital life easier and less complicated.

What we do

  • US Based Fixed Price Hosting Solutions
    HostSense®, provides fixed priced, US based cPanel hosting solutions. Hosting is provided out of the Steadfast Networks datacenter, located in Chicago, Illinois, Using state of the art equipment to provide the best experience to you and your customers.

  • Australian Hosting and Domain Solutions, will provide Australian based cPanel hosting solutions and domain names. Coming soon!

  • DNS Management Services
    PainlessDNS is a Painless DNS management service allowing you to manage the most critical
    yet most forgotten service your web services need to operate efficiently 24/7.

    Offering management of multiple providers, and unprecedented access controls,
    PainlessDNS allows you to manage your sites without having to give full access, or suffer vendor lock-in.
    PainlessDNS is currently under development and will be available soon! Stay tuned for updates.

  • ICT Consulting Services

  • Business Grade Managed Email

Who we work with

    SenseICT is a development partner with SAASU, an online software-as-a-service accounting software system
    that allows you to manage your business finances from almost anywhere.

    Need a custom integration solution with SAASU? Contact Us for details.

Contact Us

  • Phone: +61 (0)8 6388 8059

  • Email:

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